What’s in the Box?!


Rechargable Neck Fan with Led Light

LED Neck Fan with 3 speed and LED light-up Fan Blade. Whether you’re working on gains at the gym or lounging around the pool, our new Trend Tech Brands LED Neck Fans will keep you cool and comfortable! These fashion tech fans are available in Neon Pink, Black, and Blue, with three adjustable speeds. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: LED Neck Fans! Product Features: 3 Speeds (Low, Medium, High). LED Lights. Adjustable arms. Lightweight. Comfortable. Rechargeable battery.

Tangibles Stickers

At tangibles, we’re on a mission to encourage you every day with messages that stick. The idea behind our business came from our founder’s personal battle with eating disorders, when she used to put sticky notes of simple affirmations all throughout her apartment, which became a true turning point in her recovery. Now, we make products – vinyl stickers, fridge magnets, and more – with simple, powerful affirmations for a boost of encouragement in your home, office, car, and anywhere you are.

Adventurist Charcoal Soap

Adventurist Soap Co. is a Black, Woman-owned small business that is devoted to living sustainably and adventurously and to motivate those we encounter  to do the same. Nature does so much for us, and we do our best to return the favor by limiting single-use plastics, following leave-no-trace principles and adhering to conservation practice standards. Like many, we find joy in having a cleaner ecosystem.

This natural skincare products make a great pairing for the eco-conscious shopper with the adventurous spirit. You can feel at ease knowing that the products are designed with your health and happiness in mind.  

Jolly Rancher

Future Foods is a woman-owned small business located in Colorado. Hard candy? Yeah right. These jolly ranchers are huge and airy and cotton candy-ish. The flavors are strong (think no moisture, more concentrated). 

What the heck is freeze-dried?! In short, science! Specialized machinery is loaded with goodies for a 24 hour stay. A special process removes all of the moisture in the item and a crunchy treat is left. 

Freeze drying has been used for decades in two capacities – backpacking food and doomsday prepping. We use this special scientific process for SNACKS. Regular foods are transformed into airy crunchy delights. You could leave them on a shelf until the end of the world, but we promise you won’t want to. 

*Vegan Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar; contains 2% or less of: malic acid, natural flavor and artificial flavor; artificial color (red 40, yellow 5, Blue 1, Yellow 6), mineral oil, soy lecithin

Anti-Ageist Birthday Cards

These cards are the result of a collaboration we did thanks to Changing the Narrative and the Rose Foundation. 20 Colorado artists were commissioned to create a card that celebrates aging. Each card has the artist information on the back, and $2 of each card goes to support the work of Changing the Narrative. They are sold exclusively at Hope Tank both in the store, and online!

If you buy a birthday card for an older person you’ll be inundated with negative stereotypes with older people portrayed as sleepy, crabby, and weak. You’ll see lots of ableism. According to these cards, we should feel bad about aging. Getting older is all downhill, a period of decline, depression, and dependence. (Want to see some examples? Search for these words: “ageism birthday cards”.)


We know that ageism is both prevalent and harmful (it’s not just a joke). Many studies show that ageism has negative effects on our health and financial security, and a recent survey showed that 82% of people age 50-80 experience ageism in their everyday lives. We even inflict these ideas on ourselves because we’ve internalized the ageism that surrounds us.

We need alternatives—birthday cards that CELEBRATE age.



The Denver VOICE is a monthly street newspaper that provides income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in the Denver metro area. Our mission is to facilitate a dialogue addressing the roots of homelessness while offering economic, educational, and empowerment opportunities to the impoverished community. Since 2007, more than 4,600 people have found financial stability through our vendor program.