That Hope Lady Consulting

That Hope Lady

Erika Righter is a social worker-turned small business owner, consultant, community advocate, speaker, and Mom. Her work in the social services field included the foster care system, rural social work, and programs serving low income older adults.

In 2012, Erika founded Hope Tank, a community space and gift store that gives back in Denver. Hope Tank uses retail to connect customers to justice-focused organizations, artists, micro businesses, and groups doing important work in our community.


That Hope Lady Consulting works with businesses, nonprofits, and leaders to identify their values, put them into action, and articulate them to their clients, customers, donors, and investors.

You should work with me if you…

*Have implemented diversity, equity, and inclusivity efforts in your organization and had them fail or fizzle out.

*Want to infuse more intentionality in your company’s spending and marketing.

*Need a real-talk assessment of your messaging to clients, employees, and the public.

*Have hired a DEI consultant, done the hard work, and now you’re ready to implement some concrete changes.

*Have an idea for a project or business and you want to incorporate giving back or social/environmental impact from the jump.

*Think that building impact into your company can only happen once you’re making lots of $. Hint- you’re WRONG!

*Are a professional athlete/leader/performer who is sick of writing checks to organizations with missions that no one has bothered to ask if you are passionate about, so it feels performative. Want to get plugged in with more meaningful projects that speak to your heart and remind you why you do this work.

*You need someone with a social worker/small business owner lens for your grant committee, large scale event, speaking engagement, classroom project.