The Hope Slinger Fund

Hello Hope Slingers! For the past 10 years, we have been slinging hope, gifts, and love in the community. We have collaborated with many of you, connected thousands of you to amazing local organizations, hosted your panels and comedy nights, spearheaded art projects, your Girl Scouts have sold out their cookie stands, your families have donated to our drives and funds for marginalized people, and we have become a trusted place for many who don’t often experience that. 

The last couple years have brought some serious hardship to our little business. From COVID, to changes in the retail sector, to rapid gentrification which raised our rent, and most recently we and our community suffered the loss of our friends Alicia Cardenas and Alyssa Gunn Maldonado in the tragedy at Sol Tribe. We have been in the storm, but thanks to YOU- our incredible community- we are  still standing, and we have continued to give back!!

We weren’t sure if we’d be able to find a space that was both affordable, and met our needs as we shifted the business  model, but thanks to a fellow small business owner,  we have landed in a lovely little spot in the Whittier neighborhood. 

We have listened to both how you all want to shop, as well as what folks have said is most valuable to them about what we do. With that information, we have moved to an online model, where you can still shop with us, and we are now able to ship all over the country.

We tested doing a subscription box, which was a HUGE success, but we quickly learned it was something that required a lot more planning and education than we had done, so we did our homework and will be relaunching late summer. 

We got a laser machine and have been learning how to create custom items that we can offer at a more affordable rate to our fellow small business owners and locals, and we are excited to expand our offerings.

We learned that our support of micro businesses was incredibly important to our giving back model, and so we have moved lots of our resources towards doing the work to uplift those businesses. We have started a small business market that we will hold every Sunday, where vendors can set up for free to sell their wares. For those who still want to shop in person, customers can come down during our Small Biz Sundays.

And then there is our new sliding scale, accessible community space which will allow for community gatherings, campaign meetings,  workshops, body movement classes, book signings, you name it- we want to host it! 

Will you help us continue to do this work? We really need your support!

This support will help us stabilize after a very expensive, unplanned move and give us a bit of the runway we need to launch the programs and projects we have planned in our new community space and with our online offerings. 


Hope Tank is a for-profit business, so your donation to the Hope Slinger’s Fund is not tax-deductible.