Current Projects!

The Hope Slinger’s Community Board-Up Fund

COVID-19 has forced hundreds of small independant brick and mortars like Hope Tank, to close their shops or limit them to doing curbside pickup. For most micro business owners, there are no other income streams to fall back on, no commercial rent protection, and folks will be expected to pay rent on empty storefronts.

Many businesses need to board up their storefronts to protect them during this temporary closure, and it is an expensive production, that most of us don’t have funds for, given our immediate loss in incomes.

Denverites are looking for ways to stay hopeful and help each other during this difficult time. We want to make it easy for Denver to show up for our small business friends and help them get their windows boarded up, AND pay local artists to turn them into works of art for our community to enjoy.

Most of our local artists are also suddenly out of work, so we think this will be an awesome way to support both a small business and an artist! We want for our community to see visual representations of HOPE! We know that our local artists will come up with wildly unique pieces. We’d also love to see artists create work that could allow for ways for the community to engage as well. (we know you’ll come up with way cooler ideas than we can imagine!

Denver can be a leader in creating private/public partnerships on this project, and we hope to see local government, large and small companies, and foundations come together to think in innovative ways about how we can turn something difficult, into something helpful and hopeful for many. Instead of driving and walking past blocks of boarded up storefronts, that reminds us of our fear and anxiety, and let’s give our community some HOPE! 


The Hope Slinger Fund

The Hope Slinger’s Fund is a way for us to use donations that people often give us, to deepen conversations about ACCESS, POVERTY, INCLUSIVITY, and EQUITY.

It is intended to be an extension of what we have built at Hope Tank, and something that will allow us to respond to unique community needs that are outside of those identified by our Core Nonprofit Partners.

There are different projects that we will use this fund to support, and if you are moved to give, please designate which project you would like your donation to go towards in the PayPal comment.

Hope Tank is a for-profit business, so your donation to the Hope Slinger’s Fund is not tax-deductible.