What’s in the ACLU Box?!


Vegan Soap

Adventurist Soap Co. is a Black, Woman-owned small business based in Colorado that is devoted to living sustainably and adventurously and to motivate those we encounter  to do the same. Nature does so much for us, and we do our best to return the favor by limiting single-use plastics, following leave-no-trace principles and adhering to conservation practice standards. Like many, we find joy in having a cleaner ecosystem. 

Fall Tea 

KeyJay is a Black, Woman-owned small business based in Denver. They sell handmade jewelry for your spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing and teas that nourish the body.


At Super Sonic Spreads (formerly That’s My Jam), we encourage you to play with your food & see the magical artistry in everyday things. We love music and see and hear lyrics  all around us.  If you tend to drop a line from a song in everyday conversation just to see who catches it, you are our kind of people. Our jams are meant to be enjoyed alongside the song that inspired the flavor.  Let’s JAM!”


When DJ Cavem coined the term eco-hip hop in 2007, he didn’t know it would sprout into a global movement. His mission to rap about climate change, food justice and plant-based foods spread far beyond his Denver hometown. Having performed at the Obama White House and been featured in Oprah Magazine and on the Rachael Ray Show, Dr. Ietef “DJ Cavem” Vita became known as more than just a rapper — but an activist, educator and vegan chef. 

Now, several years after the release of The Produce Section, his award-winning album that fused hip hop with lessons on eco-friendliness, Cavem has shifted his focus to new material. His latest project BIOMIMICZ is being released as an album/seed pack to get people involved and spur listeners into action.

RBG Sticker

AMY ZHANG is a Denver-based, Asian and women-owned  illustration studio specializing in pretty, witty greetings and gifts. “We’re all about genuine human moments, and believe wholeheartedly that every occasion, no matter how small, deserves to be celebrated. We are woman- and minority-owned — a small business with big dreams to become your go-to gals for all things stationery and gifting!”

Laser Cut Wood Piece

This piece was made right at Hope Tank, on our laser machine that was made possible thanks to a grant from the Women’s Foundation. We have been creating custom pieces for small businesses and nonprofits, as well as a revenue generating project to keep the lights on at Hope Tank! 

Hope Tank

Hope Tank is a gift store that gives back to nonprofits in Denver. Founded in 2012 by former social worker Erika Righter, Hope Tank is much more than a gift shop. It is a place that gives the over 40,000 customers who come through the doors the chance to hear about local grassroots organizations where they can make an impact. It is a place where deep, important conversations about social issues impacting Denver and beyond are happening, and it is also a trusted place in Denver for cross-sector collaboration. Whether it is a workshop on racism, a livestream for small businesses to talk about their products, or a fundraiser for a community action, Hope Tank is an anchor institution in Denver for all things small business and philanthropy.