The Hope Tank Family

What is Hope Tank?
Hope Tank is an awesome social enterprise gift store located in Denver’s Baker neighborhood. We sell gifts that give back.

Hope Tank opened in February of 2012, and we started off selling handmade products by local artists who donated a portion of their sales to a charity of their choosing. We have expanded our inventory to include products from all over the world from companies that are philanthropic and environmentally responsible. Every purchase in the shop will have impact in the world and we want that impact to inspire people to action.

What is a Hope Slinger?
A ‪Hope Slinger‬ is someone who embraces the idea that ‪hope‬ is a powerful currency that we must be generous with.We want to inspire, educate and activate our community to SLING HOPE in ways that matter. Join us, share the ways you are slinging hope, and use #hopeslinger

About the founder, Erika Righter, Email Erika
“I wanted to create a place where inspired people could come together to have impact on our community. I was tired of traditional means of educating the public about charitable causes. I built a store that could introduce customers to interesting products and at the same time educate and inspire them to give back. I choose products that I would either buy for myself or would give as a gift.
People come in for things like a baby shower gift, and leave feeling good, and inspired to learn more. I am happy about the movement that is emerging, with people seeing the value of combining business with philanthropy. I believe that hope is the fuel for real and lasting change, and we are filling people with hope, and sending them off into the community to effect change.”
– Erika E. Righter, Owner of Hope Tank

About the Co-Owner, Jade Baranski, Email Jade
Jade first discovered Hope Tank as a customer. A recent transplant to Denver at that time, Jade was actively seeking out opportunities to put her knowledge and talent in social justice and design to work. Jade’s role with Hope Tank started as a consultant and ally, and it quickly became apparent that a more permanent arrangement was essential. Jade must be given full credit for the amazing hashtag #hopeslinger that has resonated with so many of our customers, and so accurately reflects our brand!

“When Jade came on board, my long range vision for what I knew Hope Tank could be started to come to life. It is rare in business, to find someone who is willing to work as hard as you, and who cares as much as you. Jade has made all of the dreamy design-based work we do come to life. And they are a pretty rad human.”