It’s #SOCKTOBER at Hope Tank and our sock robot, made by the talented Art of David B. Digby from Sol Tribe Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing, is ready to take your sock donations!

We are collecting NEW socks that we will be distributing to our nonprofit partners.

Every time you donate, you will be entered to win PRIZES!!

Thank you Kid President and SoulPancake for introducing us to #SOCKTOBER!
#hopeslinger #ownyourimpact

Buy a bag, then follow us to find out more ways to connect to the future of Colorado.



The I #GIVEASHIT Challenge!

No matter your political affiliation, race, sex, gender, or age, we all care about things deeply and have a story to tell.


Drop-in to Hope Tank on November 11th from 7-9pm to use your voice and commit to getting to work on the things that matter.

There is way too much at stake for ALL OF US to stay silent. We have your back, and everyone is welcome.


1. What do you #GIVEASHIT about? (We know a lot of things just bombarded your brain, and it’s ok!)

2. Start with ONE of them.

3. What do you commit to doing about it, and how can we join you?

4. Call out or tag 5 people in your life to complete the #GIVEASHIT challenge!


We partner with people who have a commitment to giving back. 
EVERY item sold at Hope Tank goes to support a different cause.
 We exist to educate and inspire people to create REAL change in communities.